Welcome to Butthead Farm. We are a raw dairy, free range egg producers, cheesemakers, safe and natural soap crafters, and so much more. We are proud to be a chemical-free and cruelty-free farm

Established in 2015, our farm is known as "The biggst litte farm" because we can produce so much from a small space and keep it eco friendly and regenerative around here.

We grow our own fruits, veggies, herbs, and even luffas for bath and shower, all chemical-free of course!

We raise our herd of 23 goats on Alfalfa, clean water, and forage. They are not on a drug or deworming schedule, its not necessary on our farm because we raise them to be strong, clean, and stress-free.

Our Chickens are raised to roam free and eat from the land, we also supplement them with fodder, which is a mix of wheat grass, millet and sunflower seeds all sprouted on a revolving 7 day schedule.

We also raise Ducks, quail, and turkey the same way. Yes, even our quail are on the ground and not in a wire cage, they are happier this way and it shows in all of our birds' egg quality and production.

We hold a Feed Master Licence with the state of Florida, multiple health, fitness, and nutrition certifications, are members of the ADGA, Leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation Lake County Florida chapter, and we are proud mentors to other small family farms around us that are just starting out and wanting to do what we do too.

Every purchase you make here, no matter how big or small, is supporting a small family farm and not a wealthy corporation. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Be sure to check out our Blog for information on nutrition, health, all things farming.

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We have heard that charcoal soaps help with acne, but they were so many chemicals in other soaps. This one is the best fit for my son, it's clearing his skin and looking good and naturally made

Paula B

This does not dry your face off like the other stuff in the store. My skin is so softly clean and clearing now and I highly recommend this to you


No joke. I no longer have to apply lotion after showering and I smell better than any of the major brands I used to use. Get this bar ASAP!!!!

Ian B

The soap not only smells amazing but also feels amazing

Nicole M.

Everything from their farm is a must try!


The difference between Butthead Farms' soap and store bought soap is the difference between a high end steakhouse burger and McDonalds burger, Butthead for the win!!



Butthead Farm

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Altoona, FL 32702



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