Our Daily Routine Here at Butthead Farm

Hey Y'all! We are so happy that you have come to visit our place! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I'm all about farming, health and wellness around here.

I'm a mother of 2 amazing kids, and a wife to a hard working man. We keep busy around our little farm, but we also make time to get out and have some fun too!

Farming is our full-time job, 7 days per week. This is our only source of income so we are extra careful to live minimally and not be wasteful so that we can continue to live this way for good.

Farm life is just amazing to me, we can grow our own fruits and veggies, drink fresh goats milk, make homemade cheese, butter, cream, jams, eat fresh eggs daily and we always know where are food comes from and what goes in it.

Yeah farming is more work than going to the grocery store, but it's well worth the effort put in.

A Day in the Life of.....

Wake up, it's time for coffee with goat's milk! Get a quick buzz from the caffeine, throw on your boots and get out the door, it's time to open the barn doors and feed all the hungry animals.  

First and foremost, Clive and Maybelline, our holstein cows, run up to the gate asking for their morning treat (a little bit of cow sweet feed to say "I love you cows")  While they are distracted by that, we feed the two Emu's, Banana and Walnut, their concoction of grains and seeds,  they also forageand share the Alfalfa bales with with rest of the animals . They know to eat it quick, otherwise Clive and Maybelline will storm them and try to take it.

The 250 chickens and turkeys, and quail get let out of their houses to roam, and get a water change and a big bucket of food including fodder that we sprout.

The goats have a free for all at two 1000lb bales of alfalfa and some pangola to munch on all day along with whatever they find around the property to forage on (leaves, roots, twigs, and so on). 

The little bucks are fed and watered as well and then hang out in their shaded section of the property keeping eachother company and playing chase.

Then comes the milking does, one by one we guide them to the milk stand. Each mama is milked and put back in their yard with plenty of room to roam with their babies.

Everybody has fresh cool water daily, goats are just like us when it comes to water, they like it clean and cool, and they go on about their business.

The cats get fed, the dogs get fed, the baby chicks and poults get a water change, and feeding, then it's breakfast time for us!

Then there is cleaning out barns, raking, shoveling, setting fresh bedding in each stall for the goats, and ensuring everything is safe and sanitary at all times.

Goats are also like humans when it comes to cleanliness, they can get sick easily so it's so important that they live in a clean environment, so cleaning all the time is a must!

During the day we're also making our goat's milk soaps, cheeses, packaging, cleaning, cooking, baking, doing laundry, sweeping, mopping, paying bills, homeschooling the kids, and attending three farmers markets per week to help bring in the income.

Don't forget we have kids, lord knows kids take a lot of work too! Our daughter is so easy going though, she loves to draw, read and take care of the baby animals.
Our son is a very busy 13 year old. He's constantly looking for something to do and can't sit still for more than 5 minutes.  They are both learning responsibility of the farm and most days, like normal kids, they will gripe about the chores that need to be done, but eventually they do it and then we all move on to the next thing.

We have a pretty good flow around here and even the animals know their exact routine and schedule. Keeping on schedule is important for many reasons, that's why farmers can't sleep in or get sick, or anything else, because everything just falls apart and the world ends....I think.

We're not done with the day yet! Gotta cook dinner, eat, and then head out to the animals one more time. Another round of milking and then, this time, each group of goats (mama's, bucks, younger does) goes in their own barns/stalls and gets another lump of hay or some treats before bed. We have to close them in safely at night because of possible predators, we live in bear country!

The turkeys are put away, the chicken eggs are collected and they are put away. Everybody's safe, fed, and ready for sleep.

Then it's time to get a shower, washing with my goat's milk soap of course, and relax, then do it all again the next day, whew!

So, Why do we do it?

To me, this is the best kind of life. Always keeping busy, always learning, and always being around the ones you love.

I can't imagine it any other way. I'm a very simple person and don't require much to be content. I appreciate and love the company of my family and absolutely adore being around so many animals, it's just the most fun to me.

My children are learning responsibility, work ethic, learning about animal health and raising them, they are keeping entertained, learning where food comes from (and how babies are made, sorry can't sensor that on a farm) and they are happy, healthy, and active.

I also love the fact that we are living naturally, sure we go out to get some dessert once in a while (please don't tell the goats), but our diets mainly consists of real food, healthy food, and living this way and eating this way, makes us never want to go back to the typical American diet again because we see now, just how good we are supposed to feel.

We were meant to move, we were meant to eat real food, to drink clean water, to get fresh air and sunshine and to get our hands dirty once in a while, this is the life we were meant for.

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  • Oh, I long to do what you do, how you live, this is right, and beautiful, and healthy.

    Valerie Mundo Catiller

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