About Us

We are a small family farm located in a teeny tiny town in Central FL in the middle of the Ocala National Forest and just down the road from beautiful Alexander Springs.
We started out by raising a garden and animals for our family, so that we could live a more natural life and always know where our food comes from.
We bought goats so that we could have fresh, raw goat's milk and make cheese and butter as well. We bought chickens for the eggs.
Fast forward 6 years and now our little farm, though it's still very small, has grown into a working micro dairy, hatchery, and garden with fresh, chemical-free produce.
We now have 23 dairy goats (Reba, Dolly, Katie, Gazelle, Patsy, Spring, Noel, Curly, Shirley, Maybelle, Aphrodite, Persephone, Oreo, Keebler, Zoey, Jovie, Velvet, Lenin, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, Steven, and Tupelo), 2 calves (Clive and Maybelline), 2 Emus (Banana and Walnut), 20 guineas, 5 turkeys, 24 quail, about 200 chickens (some of them do have names, such as our silkie rooster named Justin Beaker, a one-eyed chicken named Rachel, and a pair of bantam roosters name Jackyl and Hyde), 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 kids! 
There isn't a single animal on this farm that won't run up to you for pets and rubs. They are all spoiled and friendly and have a good, long life full of love and respect.
The goat's give us milk, in exchange for unlimited fresh water, organic alfalfa, treats, and lots of love. The chickens give us eggs in exchange for the same, along with a large yard to roam. And the Emu's, well they don't give us much in the form of something physical, but they give us the best entertainment and a sense of security as they are amazing herd protectors.
We provide our local community with real, safe, unaltered foods right from our farm. We also make some excellent skincare products such as our locally famous goat's milk soaps and lotions.
Our soaps are made right here on our little farm and are only available at the farm, through this website, or at the 3 farmers markets we attend weekly. We do not wholesale our soaps and other products.